Startup-Tomiris Innovation Project Competition

    • Innovative projects of "Startup-Tomiris" 

      "Startup-Tomiris" innovative projects organized among students of the
      Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University are being implemented within the framework of "Science Month - 2023".

      The goal of the project is to support and stimulate the development of startup initiatives of University students. In total, 11 projects from students were submitted to the competition. 3 student projects became winners of university grants to support and stimulate the development of startup initiatives of university students. The winners of the competition were awarded cash prizes: for 1st place – 1 million tenge, 2nd place – 800 thousand tenge, 3rd place – 700 thousand tenge.

      Currently, project teams are actively implementing their projects.

      As a result of the competition, the winning groups are carrying out their work:

      I – place, Wins - 1, Team: LAO

      Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Digital Technologies, consisting of 2-3 year students of the Department of Informatics.

      The goal of the project is to develop eco-friendly awareness among consumers, as well as to protect the environment by sorting waste and further processing it with the help of waste processing companies.

      It is the development and application of advanced technologies for automated waste sorting, including the use of sensors and artificial intelligence, which ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the sorting process, as well as the optimization of resource recycling.

      II - place, Environmental monitoring of the campus area of Girls' University

      Team: Ecochem Solutions

      It consists of 2-3 year students of the Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry. Conducting research with the help of an analyzer purchased on the basis of the project, it is implemented.

      The purpose of the project: physico-chemical analyzes of the composition of air, soil and water after rainfall in the region of the Kazakh National Girls' Pedagogical University. As a result of the project, identify problems and propose solutions to the university administration. In the future, it will be possible to make predictions about environmental changes.

      III - place, Modern design, Team: Tassel

      It consists of 4-year students of social humanities and art studies, visual arts, artistic work, graphics and design.

      The goal of the project: to replace common wall stands with murals, convey the individual history of each institution through murals.