Sports infrastructure

    • The University has a modern sports infrastructure to provide the educational process and maintain a healthy lifestyle of students and employees,:

      • Swimming pool "Akku" with a total area of 633.5 sq.m. 32 seats with 4 swimming lanes (length 25 m.).

      The university has an educational and sports complex, the total area of which is 1125 sq.m:

      1. A large game sports hall, equipped with basketball, volleyball, football grounds, with a total area of 549.5 sq.m.
      2. Gymnastic mirror hall equipped with a Swedish wall and exercise equipment, gymnastic benches, video and audio equipment with a total area of 110.8 sq.m.

      Martial arts hall with a total area of 328.3 sq. m., equipped with a judo tatami, exercise equipment, tennis tables, and gymnastic benches.  There is also a physical therapy and massage room.

      All gyms are equipped with changing rooms (41.1 sq. m.) and showers (26 sq. m.)

      The University has a sports club "Akbilek", which includes all national teams in sports and sports sections. The University's sports teams are updated annually with sports equipment, games and sports equipment. On the territory of the "house of students" there is a summer sports ground with a total area of 200 sq. m. All dormitories are equipped with gyms, with a total area of 344 sq.m., where students can play sports in their free time.

      Every year, the University rents the Dynamo stadium (2 track and field running tracks) with a total area of 980 sq. m. to successfully conduct academic classes in physical culture and pass the standards for athletics in the autumn and spring period.

      The building of the sports complex is equipped with auxiliary security services and technical personnel and is connected to the University-wide communication system, there is a telephone and Fax connection.