Center for the Development of Inclusive and Special Education

    • Purpose:

      to provide methodological assistance to university teachers, teachers who carry out inclusive education for children with special educational needs; to organize the exchange of experience of teachers and teachers, educators of the organization of education in the direction of the development of inclusive education; information and advisory assistance to teachers and teachers in the implementation of inclusive education; development of scientific and methodological recommendations on various areas of implementation of inclusive education.


      • educational and methodological support for students with SEN at the university (in the resource-advisory office for SEN students);
      • conducting advanced training courses for managers, university teachers, teachers and specialists (educational psychologists, special educators, social educators);
      • conducting remedial classes with children with SEN, providing them with timely comprehensive support;
      • providing advisory assistance to parents of children with SEN, in the Parent club "Together warmer".

      Areas of activity:

       Analytical activity

      • identification of professional and information needs of employees of the education system in the field of inclusive education;
      • identification, generalization and dissemination of pedagogical experience of working with students with special educational needs.

      Information activities

      • formation of a bank of pedagogical information (normative-legal, scientific-methodical, methodical, etc.) on the basics of inclusive education;
      • familiarization of teachers and managers of educational organizations with the experience of educational organizations and teachers in the field of inclusive education;
      • informing the pedagogical and parent community about the results of work on the areas of activity implemented by the Center for the development of inclusive and special education.

      Organizational and methodological activities

      • methodological support and practical assistance to teachers and managers in the areas of development of the system of teaching children with SEN;
      • methodological support of teaching children with SEN in a general education environment;
      • preparation and holding of scientific and practical seminars, conferences, pedagogical readings, round tables on the issues of teaching students and children with SEN;
      • ensuring interaction, establishing working contacts and exchanging experience and information with various structures working on the issue of inclusive education.

       Advisory activities

      •  provision of consulting services to education workers, the parent community on the development, education and upbringing of children with SEN.