• PhD, Asst.Prof.

            Ainur Kenebayeva

            Director of the Research Institute for Social and Gender Studies

            Research interests: social research, research methodology, hospitality and tourism, entrepreneurship, marketing, consumer behavior.

        Ainur Seitbattalovna Kenebaeva is a graduate of the Bolashak program, under which in 2011 she received the Master of International Business degree from the International College of Hospitality Administration Cesar Ritz (Switzerland) and the Postgraduate Degree degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) in the field of international hospitality and tourism management. In the period from 2011-2014 she enrolled at L.N. Gumilyov the Eurasian National University for PhD degree in Tourism. In December, 2014 she defended her doctoral dissertation in English on the basis of the Dissertation Council of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. In 2015 she was awarded a PhD degree. She completed a scientific internship at Kelce College of Business at Pittsburg State University, (Kansas, USA). In the period from 2005-2009 she studied at the bachelor's program in the specialty "Tourism" at L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

        Since 2020 is the Director of the Research Institute for Social and Gender Studies of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University. In the period from 2015-2020 she worked at the University of International Business (UIB) as the Director of the Research Department, Head of the Scientific Center "Modern Business Studies", Head of the Department of Management and Business, Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Business. In the period from 2015-2020 she worked at the position of chief specialist of the department of the Bologna process and educational programs at L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

        She is the member of the editorial board and reviewer in the international scientific journals:  Journal of Global Business Insights (USA) and Near East University Online Journal of Education (Turkey).

        Kenebayeva, A.S. (with Olya, H. & Altinay, L., Farmaki, A., Gursoy, D.). (2020). “Hospitality Supply Chain’s Sustainability Practices and Hotel Guests’ Familiarity, Attitudes and Behaviours, Journal of Sustainable Tourism (Submitted.  Impact Factor 3.400 Clarivate Analytics)

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        CHAPTER IN PEER REVIEWED BOOK (International Publisher)
        Kenebayeva A.S. (2018), "Internationalization of Higher Education in Kazakhstan: National Capacity-Building Initiatives in Book "Policies and Initiatives for the Internationalization of Higher Education in Developing Nations", IGI Global, p.153-174.

        BOOKS & MONOGRAPHS (Local Publisher)

        Kenebayeva A.S. (2017). ABCs of Agritourism through the Prism of Marketing, - 164 p. Monograph


        Kenebayeva, A.S. (2020). ANALYSIS OF MODERN STRATEGIES OF DIFFERENTIATION OF SERVICES OF ENTERPRISES OF THE HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM ENTERPRISES / А.S. Kenebaeva // Innovative approaches in modern science: The LXVIII International scientific-practical conference "Innovative approaches in modern science." - No. 8 (68). - M., Ed. Internauka, 2020.
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        SUBMITTED GRANT PROPOSALS / Participation in research projects

        2019 - Inclusive and innovative workspaces for economic breakthrough and social well-being of residents of remote regions of Kazakhstan
        2019 - Iterative study of addiction of logistics and ecology in the conditions of megalopolises of the Republic Kazakhstan
        2018 - Erasmus+Jean Monnet.  Entrepreneurship Development in European Union: An Integrated Market for a Better Business
        2018  International Standards for Research and Publications (Supported by the US Diplomatic Mission in Kazakhstan. Grand Holder  Zhussupova Zh.)
        2017 - Erasmus+Jean Monnet. Rural Sustainable Development through the EU Tourism Practices (with Aidana Tokbura)
        2017 - The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "Agropolis: a Model of Sustainable Development of Rural Areas in the Aspect of the Proposed Concept of Bio-Food Security". (University of International Business, Research Leader  Isabayev, G.A.)
        2017 - The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Formation of the brand of Kazakhstan medical tourism and promotion of medical services of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the international market. (Turan University, Research Leader  Kalenova S.A.)

        Kenebayeva, A.S. (2011), Challenges of Tourism Development, «KazInform» National Information Agency http://www.inform.kz/kaz/article/2345188 (Article in Kazakh)  
        Kenebayeva, A.S. (2011), How to develop Agritourism?, «KazInform» National Information Agency  http://www.inform.kz/kaz/article/2350346 (Article in Kazakh)  
        Kenebayeva, A.S. (2011), Ulytau region as a source of tourism profit, «KazInform» National Information Agency http://www.inform.kz/kaz/article/2351081 (Article in Kazakh)  
        Kenebayeva, A.S. (2011), Bologna Process in Kazakhstan, «KazInform» National Information Agency  http://www.inform.kz/kaz/article/2358915 (Article in Kazakh)  
        Kenebayeva, A.S. (2011), Social problems of orphanhood, «KazInform» National Information Agency http://www.inform.kz/kaz/article/2351602 (Article in Kazakh)  

        • Aizhan Salimzhanova
          • Aizhan Salimzhanova
          • PhD candidate in Economics

            Acting Director of the Scientific Research Institute for Social and Gender Studies of Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University

            Research interests: gender economics, unpaid domestic work and household economics

        Aizhan Salimzhanova