• The main goal of the center is:

      Formation and development of the university’s personnel reserve of students. Support for students and qualified specialists, where we involve mentors in the formation of a new system of entrepreneurial education, increasing the innovative activity of students, in forming mentors and ensuring their maximum employment through the use of effective mechanisms of cooperation between universities and the corporate sector.

      Objectives of the center:

      • creating a database of initiatives and projects that have shown highly effective indicators in the development of student leadership competencies;
      • introduction of best practices, trends, products on leadership issues, gender to create a new wave of young students;
      • formation of a database of an expert community (mentees) sharing their knowledge and experience with young teachers;
      • introduction to entrepreneurship, leadership development of students studying at the university;
      • personality formation and the possibility of comprehensive development of girls;
      • development of new approaches, creative ideas aimed at business cooperation between business and the academic sector;
      • Formation of creative search, resource, social and organizational spheres of development of the country's economy.


        • Bekkalieva Gulzira Magzumovna 

          Head of the Center

        • Information

        Bekkalieva Gulzira Magzumovna 

        Activity: head of the Center

        +7 747 248 7995


        • 2010-2014 studied at West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Otemisov, majoring in “Biology”;
        • 2016-2017 M. Received a master's degree in the specialty of biology teacher at West Kazakhstan State University named after Otemisov.


        • From 2016 to 2017, she worked as a specialist in the educational department of West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Otemisov;
        • from 2015 to 2016 she worked as a biology teacher at secondary school No. 3 in the city of the Urals;
        • in the period 2017-2019, he worked as the head of the department of the branch of Caspi Bank JSC;
        • from 2019 to 2022, she worked as a leading specialist in strategic development of the Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University;
        • since September 2022, she worked as Deputy Director for Educational and Social Work of the College of Professional Education of the Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University;
        • from September 2022 to the present, teacher of biology at the College of Professional Education of the Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University;
        • since 2023, head of the department of the Center for Women's Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the Kazakh National Women's University.


        Since September 2023, member of the commission of the Techno Women social center.

        • Erkebaeva Nazerke Maratbekovna

          leading Specialist

        • Information

        Erkebaeva Nazerke Maratbekovna

        Activity: leading Specialist

         +7 747 126 6495


        • in 2013-2014, she graduated from the department of “Press and Electronic Media” of the Faculty of Journalism of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with a degree in “Journalism”;
        • in 2017-2019 she received a Master of Science degree in Pedagogical Sciences in Kazakh language and literature at the Regional Social Innovation University.


        • in 2018-2019, she worked as a teacher of Kazakh literature at the Kainar Academic College;
        • in 2017-2018, she worked as a reporter and editor of the “Zhana Kun” program on the Khabar TV channel;
        • in 2019-2020, she worked as a journalist and reporter for the Shownews information portal;
        • 2020-2021 worked as a journalist in the “Paparazzi” program of the Almaty TV channel;
        • in 2022-2023, she worked as an editor on the Zhibek Zholy channel, the “Torletiniz” program.


        • 2022-2023 holder of the badge named after Baurzhan Momyshuly “Batyr Shapagaty”;
        • 2022-2023 Kind soul, owner of the «Sauap» badge.
      • Barat Aliya Tursynovna

        Activity: specialist



        • Esik College of Humanities and Economics – 2015-2018, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. Specialty "Preschool education and education"
        • Higher - 2018-2021; Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. 


        • 2020 year Almaty branch of the Republican State Institution "Agency" records inspector;
        • 2021-2022 year Almaty Kazakh State Humanitarian Pedagogical College No lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy – Psychology;
        • 2023 year Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University specialist, organizer of the Center for Women's Leadership and Entrepreneurship.