• Founded in 1944, the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University (QyzPU) provides extensive infrastructure to support students and academic activities. QyzPU is a leading educational institution with state-of-the-art infrastructure in the historic centre of Almaty, covering over 3,500 hectares and with a total building area of over 50,000 square metres. Special attention is paid to environmental initiatives, with the university increasing the number of "green" corners each year, which includes approximately 5,000 plantings of trees and flowers. Located in the elite area of the metropolis, the university campus, which is at the same time a monument of Kazakhstan's history and culture of national importance, has all the necessary infrastructure and covers the basic needs of students, such as: study, living, sports, recreation, treatment and other aspects of student life, designed for the all-round development of students.

      • QyzPU has created all conditions for study, work and recreation of students, postgraduates, staff and faculty.

      The continuous process of education, research and innovation activities is carried out in 3 academic buildings equipped with all the necessary equipment and software. The University also has a swimming pool "Aqqu", 7 residences, a catering centre (two canteens and buffets) and a sports and health complex with a gymnasium.

      Comfortable lecture theatres, laboratories equipped with control and measuring devices, computer rooms with modern software and rooms for the design of theses meet the most stringent requirements. Every year in September, a special commission determines the University's readiness for the new academic year, paying special attention to the sanitary and aesthetic condition of classrooms, laboratories, offices, halls and lounges, as well as to the health and safety requirements. During the year, all available spaces are repaired, decorated, equipped with the necessary furniture and inventory.



      The University is connected by a local network with Internet access, WI-FI stations distribute high-speed Internet throughout the University. Each of the buildings where the scientific and educational process takes place has a conference hall or special rooms for events with a large number of participants, an assembly hall, etc. The entire university has a video surveillance system.  A video surveillance system is installed throughout the university. There are special rooms for web seminars and online conferences.



      The main building of the university houses a scientific and technical library with a collection of more than 1 million copies of literature. The University has all the conditions for scientific research in all fields of education.

      It also houses a modern Co-working Centre (Raushan B. Aitieva Auditorium), a podcast recording studio, and printing services that provide students and faculty with comfortable and functional spaces for work and creativity.



      The conditions created at the University provide an opportunity to train highly qualified specialists in any field, to conduct scientific research at a high level and to gain satisfaction from the work done. Thanks to the developed internal infrastructure, the University has become the most comfortable place for studying, sports and creative development of students.