Programs of Dual Degree Education

      What is a "dual degree program"?

      Double-degree education is an opportunity to study in parallel in two (or more) universities on a joint educational program, followed by obtaining diplomas from the corresponding educational institutions. One of the priority directions of integration of Kazakhstan's higher education in the international educational space is definitely double-degree education.

      The curricula are developed on the basis of the signed agreements with partner universities on dual degree pogramme in disciplines, content of which has been introduced by the disciplines of the Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University according to the State Compulsory Educational Standard and partner universities.

      At the same time, the disciplines of foreign partner universities harmoniously entered the content of related disciplines of Kazakhstan educational standard, which makes it possible to prepare students for continuing their studies in foreign universities on the 4th  year  (bachelor  degree) or 2nd year  (master degree) with transfer of credit units in agreed disciplines.

      Advantages of the dual degree program

      • international experience;
      • job prospects after graduation;
      • mastering progressive knowledge from the leading teachers of partner universities;
      • obtaining 2 diplomas from Kazakh national women’s teacher training university + partner university.

      Our partners in dual degree programs:

      The result of the program

      The students who have successfully finished the course will be awarded two diplomas – those of Kazakhstan and foreign partner University (KNWTTU + Partner University).