Welcome to the College of Professional education of the Kazakh National Teacher Training University!

      Online document reception

      On the basis of general secondary education (based on grades 11)- 2 years and 10 months.

      The College announces the acceptance of documents in the following specialties:

      • 4S01140101 – "Primary education teacher with knowledge of English"
      • 4S01120102 – "Preschool education and upbringing" (full-time)

      7 Main Reasons to Choose Us:

      • 01 Quality and affordable education
      • 02 Best Qualified teachers
      • 03 State Educational Grant
      • 04 Dual training
      • 05 Practice in kindergartens and schools with the possibility of employment
      • 06 Continue your studies at Kaznatszhenpu
      • 07 Provision of a hostel

      The College provides:

      • Dormitories and academic buildings equipped with WI-FI;
      • Modern electronic library;
      • A unique sports base.

      Our address: 99 Aiteke bi str., Almaty city

      Quality education today — professional success tomorrow!

      Start your journey to success with us!

      • List of documents required for admission

        To be accepted, you must provide:

        • application form;
        • 2 copies of a copy of the identity card/passport;
        • certificate of completion of grade11 (original and copy);
        • 4 3×4 photo cards.
        • child health passport form no. 063;
        • for the disabled of groups I and II and disabled since childhood medical certificate form 088-U;
        • documents granting the right to benefits (if available).

      • Rules of admission

        Standard rules for admission to training in educational organizations that implement educational programs of technical and vocational education

        Acceptance of applications for training in educational organizations is carried out according to the educational programs of technical and professional, post-secondary education providing for the training of middle-level specialists and applied bachelor's degree:

        • full-time education - from June 20 to August 25 of the calendar year;
        • for evening and external study mode - from June 20 to September 20 of the calendar year.

        Entrance exams for applicants who have:

        • General secondary education is conducted in three subjects (Kazakh or Russian language, history of Kazakhstan and the subject of the specialty profile);
        • basic secondary education (General) in two subjects (Kazakh or Russian language and a subject in the specialty profile).

        Entrance exams are held:

        • for full-time education - from 1 to 27 August of the calendar year;
        • for evening and external study mode - from August 1 to September 28 of the calendar year.

        The list of necessary documents to the application for admission to the College of professional education as a part of KNWTTU which applicants attach:


        On the basis of the 11th grade

        • original document of education certificate of General secondary education with the Appendix;
        • a copy of your ID card;
        • medical certificate in form no. 086-U with the Appendix of a photo (for disabled people of group I and II and disabled people from childhood conclusion of medical and social expertise);
        • Vaccination card form 063 (health passport);
        • 4 3×4 photo cards.

        *Documents proving the identity of the applicant must be presented in person, by parents or legal representatives.

        • Karabayeva   Akbope Kasymbekovna

          Position: Сollege director 

        • Alimbekova Nurgul Abdramanovna

          Position: Deputy director for educational and methodological work

        • Abdikalykova Aigerim Nurakhynovna

          Position: Deputy director for educational and social work

        • Beisenbayeva Nazerke Rakhmanovna

          Position: College methodologist