«Unischool» University School

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       «Unischool» - is an educational project for school-age children aimed at implementing additional education, developing children's and youth creativity, interests in sports, culture, art and science.

      Purpose: assistance in the comprehensive satisfaction of educational needs of school students.

      Programs of the University school "Unischool": preparation for school;

      • tutoring for primary classes (comprehensive and in individual subjects);
      • tutoring in individual subjects for middle and high school students (assistance to students of grades 5-11 in studying the school curriculum, assistance in preparing homework, etc.).
      • mental arithmetic;
      • robotics courses;
      • inclusive education;
      • speech therapy help;
      • digital literacy;
      • rhythm;
      • fine art;
      • methodology of writing scientific papers;internal academic mobility of students;
      • summer camp for schoolchildren.

      Classes are held 2 times a week according to the schedule:

      • the duration of one lesson is 60 minutes;
      • the group of listeners is at least 10 people. 

      Classes are held in a group form:

      • forms of classes: lectures, seminars, excursions, trainings;
      • the format of classes is full-time and distance form;
      • at the end of the classes (course), a certificate is issued.