Acceptance of documents for the competition for awarding scholarships begins on July 16

    • Acceptance of documents for the competition for awarding scholarships begins on July 16

      ALMATY. July 16. Press-Center – Acceptance of documents for the competition for awarding scholarships at Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University will run July 16 thru July 25.

      In order to protect the health of applicants and their parents, the university has a virtual admission committee that advises applicants via video communication.

      Applicants can submit to the competition one of the two results of the UNT held from May 6 to July 1.

      When applying, applicants must attach electronic copies of the certificate along with an appendix of the certificate, a 3×4 digital photo, and copies of other documents.

      If the applicant is the owner of the «Altyn Belgi» badge or has been awarded a badge of distinction for patriotism and active citizenship, then he has a preferential right if the points are equal with other applicants. The same benefits are provided for the winners of Olympics and sports competitions. In order for such achievements of applicants to be taken into account, copies of supporting documents must be attached when submitting documents. If there is an international certificate confirming proficiency in a foreign language, the applicant indicates the name of the certificate, the score and registers an electronic certificate.

      In addition, this year, when distributing scholarships the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first time allocated quotas to socially vulnerable segments of the population. Now applicants from large or single-parent families, as well as from families raising children with special needs, have increased opportunities to receive scholarships.

      For children from families raising four or more minor children provides 5% of the total number of scholarships, for children from families with the status of a single-parent family for at least three years – 1%, for graduates from families raising children with special needs of groups I and II – 1% of educational scholarships.

      Applicants who have scored at least 65 points on UNT can enroll in national universities.

      «Pedagogical sciences» − at least 75 points, «healthcare» − at least 70 points, «agriculture and bioresources» and «Veterinary medicine» − at least 60 points, to other higher educational institutions – at least 50 points.

      At the same time, it is necessary to score at least 5 points for each subject of the UNT and (or) creative exam.

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