On May 24, at the Kazakh National Women's Training University, the special course «Eurasian Community: Global Education and Leadership» ended with a lecture by Mr. Yoji Sato, Chairman of the «Eurasia Foundation (from Asia)».

      In the spring semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, for 15 weeks, on the department of the Social and humanitarian disciplines a series of special lectures by the famous foreign and domestic professors in various fields, such as history, international relations, politics, culture, global security, pedagogy, innovations in areas of education and science, linguistics and sociology, and many others were hold. Among them, in February and March, lectures were given by Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid Maria Asunción Lopez Varela Ascarate, Professor Kim Injae and Professor Park Sun Hyong from Dongguk University of the Republic of Korea, visiting professors of al-Farabi KazNU, Candidate of Political Sciences Chan Beong Sun and Professor Myong Soon Ok, representative of the «Eurasia Foundation (from Asia)» Professor Chan Junkoon, and the lectures of domestic professors began with a lecture by the Rector of our university Qanay Gulmira Amirkhanovna on the topic «Professionalism and Leadership of Teachers».

      In March-April, a lecture was held by the Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work Zhumankulova Yerkyn Nursagatovna on the topic “Academic Freedom - Responsibility and Consequences”, than followed guest lectures by professors of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Doctor of Historical Sciences, author of textbooks for university students on the history of Kazakhstan Kan Georgy Vasilyevich and Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Abylai khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages Aidarbekov Zeynabil Smailkhanovich on the topic “Trends in the development of higher education and the convergence of cultures in Eurasia: prospects and values. A new look at the mission of education in the 21st century".

      Also, pedagogical staff from Institute of Social and humanitarian sciences and art. Beymisheva Aigul Seytzhanovna delivered a lecture on “Unequal educational opportunities in the system of secondary education in the Eurasian space”, candidate of political science Aksakalova Madina Kenzhebekovna in her lecture “Political Challenges and Factors of Instability in the Eurasian Community” spoke about modern geopolitics, discussed topical issues of international relations, new areas of mutually beneficial cooperation in Eurasia, and candidate of sociological sciences Kaliyeva Aliya Aibulatovna analyzed the conditions, problems and prospects for the development of social policy in the countries of Eurasia.

      The last online lecture of the course was delivered by the President of the Eurasian Foundation (from Asia) Mr. Yoji Sato. At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Yoji Sato explained the main purpose of these lectures and the Eurasia Foundation, which are held in 566 universities in 58 countries of the world. Through lectures by professors in various fields, the Eurasian Foundation supports students' understanding of world history, culture, religion, politics and economics, contributes to the elimination of conflicts in the world, the creation of a more harmonious and peaceful society, as well as the mutual cooperation of universities. In his lecture, Mr. Sato touched upon several main topics, such as the correct worldview, universal and natural law, the existence of integrity, argued that in the face of truth, there should not be struggle and contradictions in relation to peoples, religions, politics, economics, capitalism, socialism, communism, the gap between rich and poor and other issues, offering students a deeper understanding of the process of globalization, emphasized the importance of learning new and modern innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computer, quantum financial system (QFS), ultrasonic capsule therapy, etc.

      During the lecture, students received information about the basic concepts of "man", "personality", "ego", "life", and showed great interest in the problems of modern society.

      After the lecture, the Department of Social and Humanitarian science of the Kazakh National Women's Training University thanked Mr. Yoji Sato for the informative lecture and contribution to the education of students in general, also more than 80 students who took an active part and wrote term papers on the lectures heard over 15 weeks, were awarded certificates. Mr. Yoji Sato also noted the painstaking work of the entire faculty, who conducted lectures during these 15 weeks, and expressed gratitude to the university administration for their help and support in organizing the course for students.