QYZPU student won the "Best Student of the CIS" competition

    • QYZPU student won the

      Balaiym Amirkul, a 3rd year student of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Traaining University, has been recognised as the best student of the Commonwealth of Independent States. She won the international contest "The Best Student of the CIS", showing herself as an outstanding young person who has made a significant contribution to the development of youth policy and actively participates in public affairs.

      In recognition of her achievements and contribution, the organisers of the competition presented BalaiymAmirkul with a badge. The decision to recogniseBalaiym Amirkul as the best CIS student was made by the competition jury, which noted her contribution to the development of youth policy among CIS countries.

      Balaiym has been the Dean of Students at the Institute of Natural Sciences for two consecutive years and Chair of the Zerde self-governance organisation. Currently, she is the student vice-rector for strategic development. She not only actively participates in social events, but also represents the university at various competitions.